Last week my wife's cellphone data cable burnt, fortunately there were no more consequences than burned plastic smell in the room. She works heavily with media: images, videos and sounds, and her cellphone is one of her most used tools for content generation. It is kind of stressful not to be able to move heavy data from your Android mobile device to your desktop, even Google Drive failed for this task in her case, then it occurred to me than as Android is based on Linux it should be able to work like a web server able to download the media using the local WiFi. And indeed it can work like a web server, most exactly, Android supports an implementation of ServerSocket which make it possible to develop an app for my wife to transfer her media directly to her desktop. I haven't had the time to develop it but there are some basic implementation in the Play Store, we are using one of them while I make a little free time to look into Android development again.