I started to run at the age of 16 circa 2003, mostly because it was the only sport where I didn't suck and I could do it by myself. At the beginning I ran during sport classes and occasionally on Saturdays in my native city park, and almost immediately I saw a great result: my acne started to recede. That was a great motivator for a teenager of 16 years, every time the acne retaliated I just needed to run for a couple of weeks to control it.

After some years, when I was in the middle of my bachelor degree, I signed up on a running class, and in a year, during a sport event in my school, I ran for a full hour and tracked almost 11 kilometers. I felt the fastest man alive! It was the catalyst to start running official races: 5k in 26-ish minutes, 10k in 50-ish minutes, with best times of 21-ish and 46-ish minutes respectively. A friend of mine challenged me to a 21k race and I finished it in 1 hour 50-ish minutes, and really tired! I didn't train for that distance. Then, the thought struck in my head: what about a marathon?

In December 2012 I ran my first (and at the time of writing the only one) marathon in 4 hours 15-ish minutes. I was aiming for less than 4 hours time, unfortunately "the wall" was a really hard hit in the 32 kilometer and I didn't recovered in the last 10 kilometers. But still I have a marathon in my logs! and a rusty finalist medal. To be honest, after this race I promised to myself never to do it again.

I was fooling myself. With the beginning of 2020 I started again to train for a marathon. This time with very specific goals throughout the year:

  • A 5k race in less than 20 minutes, 19 minutes with 59 seconds as upper limit.
  • A 10k race in less than 44 minutes
  • A half marathon in less than 1 hour 45 minutes
  • A marathon in less than 4 hours

It sounds really ambitious, specially because I have a couple of years without training with a goal in mind, but that's quite the idea. It scares me not to be able to achieve them, and at the same time it excites me to think that I could really do it. And why not? Maybe this year could be a new catalyst for a triathlon.