Several things have been happening in the world the last weeks and months, and I firmly believe that many other things will change, disappear or be created new. It is, without a doubt, a time to use remote tools all the time. There are lots and lots of tasks that can be now performed or executed online. Do you need some groceries or medicines? Use Rappi (in Latin America at least); don't have time to prepare a meal? Order something in Uber Eats; want to learn something new? There exist Coursera, Udemy, Pluralsight, etc... The list is endless.

Unfortunately there are also several jobs that are directly impacted by the current state of the world: restaurants, photographers, musicians, teachers, transportation, among others. How can they survive if there are no customers? Some of them are taking actions: teachers are having 1x1 using one of the countless applications for videoconferencing, restaurants are going to-go only or using delivery services as Uber Eats, and, in general, they are looking for ways to go online and continue with its core business: teachers in education and restaurants in feeding.

I, for now, am in quarantine at my house, going out only to get the essentials, washing my hands more often, trying to not touching my face with dirty hands... at least following the minimum advices from WHO.  I continue with my 9-6 job from home (a big perk working in software), and also with my personal projects, even my thesis sometimes! A new world for automation and remote connections might be approaching in the near future, and we as engineers might play a big role to support and develop this new world.